Answers to the frequently asked questions ( FAQ )

The most frequently asked ones are ” how to process your VOAAL ” and if you cannot find the answers that you may need kindly contact direct to the authorities by the following phone numbers – Customs – ( 95 1 ) 662664 / Immigration ( 95 1 ) 250046

( 1 ) Tourist VOA applications from all countries over the world are accepted & process. You can also apply VOA for your friend.

( 2 ) You need to have the VOAAL form to fill it with personal data & you can download that from our website and be sure to fill all the points especially the hotels that you will be staying in Myanmar & your contact address in Yangon.

( 3 ) You don’t need to send your passport to us or to the nearest Myanmar Embassy or Consulate just send the necessary data to us as in the VOAAL.

( 4 ) Entry Visa On Arrival fees of US $ 20 / pax is to be settled to the Immigration Department of the arrival lounge of the Yangon International Airport. The Visa On Arrival processing fee will vary depending on per pax and will have to be settled to our staff on arrival in US $ new notes issued in or after 1996 with no torn edges or corners and the serial number of each note must not start with “CB” ( CBxxx—). There will be no use of credit cards or traveller’s cheque and Myanmar banks cannot accept bank wire transfer. Your cell phones cannot be functioned here.

( 5 ) After sending your data to us for VOA application we will need 20 – 30 working days to complete your VOA processing. We will send the VOA scan email Jpeg format to you & also to the Immigration Department and the Yangon office of the airline that you will be flying in.

( 6 ) Not advisable to send the VOA by postal airmail as it will take 15 – 20 days to reach Europe & America from Yangon, Myanmar.

( 7 ) After your VOAAL is passed & received we will send it by scan email Jpeg format to you & also to the airline that you will be flying in and to the Immigration Office of the arrival lounge of the Yangon International Airport. We will verify your flight number, arrival / departure time, airline, your name & PNR ( passenger name registration ) code and hotel you are staying. So, it is very very important to supply us with correct information or data.

( 8 ) Normally, we can only process Tourist Visa On Arrival at Yangon International Airport and for any other place / point of entry will have to deal case by case & usually it will take a longer time to process that type of VOA entry visa.

( 9 ) Tourist are not required to change their US $ 200 for locally issued FEC 200 and this changing practice had been stopped since July 2003.

Latest Update (01 March 2006)
As notified by the parties concerned, as of 01 March 2006, the Visa On Arrival ( VOA ) processing time will take minimum 21 days. Kindly arrange & set up your arrival dates accordingly in tune to this. Request to send VOA 15 data & p/p size scanned photo as soon as possible to us.
FAQ for Immigration

Is a ( Myanmar Visa ) visa necessary to enter Myanmar?

Yes, A validated ( Myanmar Visa ) visa from the Embassy of Myanmar is required for entry to Myanmar.

I have some questions about my ( Myanmar Visa ) visa application: Who should I ask?

Concerning your ( Myanmar Visa ) visa application you may enquire at the following departments:

The Embassy of Myanmar nearest you

The Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Ph: 01-221841

The Immigration and National Registration Department- Ph: 01-651113 \ 01-249544

How can I learn the status of the visa for which I have applied?

Depending on the purpose of the visit, you may apply for the following six types of visa for entry into Myanmar:-

(a) ( Myanmar Visa ) Transit Visa

(b) ( Myanmar Visa ) Tourist Visa

(c) ( Myanmar Visa ) Business Visa

(d) ( Myanmar Visa ) Gratis Diplomatic Courtesy Visa (GDC)

(e) ( Myanmar Visa ) Gratis Official Courtesy Visa (GOC)

(f) ( Myanmar Visa ) Entry Visa

How to use the ( Myanmar Visa ) visa Telephone service number:

You may contact telephone numbers:- Ph: 01-651113 \ 01-249544

I would like to bring plants / animals into Myanmar. Where can I obtain information on quarantines?

You may contact telephone number 01-662664 for information on quarantines.

I want to bring some souvenirs such as a few bottles of wine into Myanmar. Where can I find information on customs regulations?

You may contact the Customs Department, telephone number 01-662664.

I am currently living in Myanmar and have some questions concerning the eligibility of my stay. Who should I ask?

You may contact:-

The Immigration and Naturalization Division Ph: 01-250046

Application Procedures Before Entry

You may enquire at the nearest Embassy of Myanmar (or) The Consulate – General’s Office.

The Visa System in Myanmar is as follows:-

(a) If for any reasons, travelers arrive in Myanmar without a visa, the On Arrival Visa with the recommendation from the Ministry concerned, is issued at a prescribed fee at the Yangon International Airport.

(b) If those entering Myanmar with the expired ( Myanmar Visa ) visa issued from the Myanmar Embassies, the On Arrival Visa is issued at a prescribed fee within seven days from the expired date.

( Myanmar Visa ) Visa on Arrival is issued at the Myanmar International Airport and Seaport, to those residing abroad where there are no Myanmar embassies, or to those who have had no time to obatin an ( Myanmar Visa ) Entry Visa at the Myanmar embassies.

( Myanmar Visa ) Visa Fees

( Myanmar Visa ) Tourist Visa = US$ 20

( Myanmar Visa ) Entry Visa = US$ 36

(c) Foreigner can stay in Myanmar during the period of validity in the ( Myanmar Visa ) visa. If he wants to overstay , he may apply for the extension of stay with the recommendation of the Ministries concerned. The fees for the stay-extension are as follows:-

From 1day to 3 months – 36 $

From 3 months to 1years – 90 $

(d) If the foreigner overstays , he has to pay the overstay fees as follows:-

From 1day to 90 days – 3 $ per day

From 90days and above – 5 $ per day

(e) F.R.C – Those who stay continuously for 90 days have to apply for a Foreigner’s Registration Certificate (Initial ) within 90 days from the date of their arrival . The fee for the F.R.C is US 9 $. If he applies after 90 days , he has to pay a double amount of US 18 $.

– When a foreigner who holds the F.R.C re-enters , he has to apply for the revalidation of his F.R.C within 30 days from the date of is arrival. The fee is 6 $ and if he applys after 30days , he has to pay the double amount US 12 $ as fine.

– Since the validity of all F.R.C expires on 30th Nov ,the F.R.C has to be renewed during the month of December annually. The renewal fee is 9$ .If the renewal is not done during the specified period, the holden of the FRC has to pay a double amount of US 18$ as a fine.

(f) During the permitted stay with the recommendation from the Ministry concerned, the Single Journey ( Myanmar Visa ) Re-Entry Visa and the Multiple Journey ( Myanmar Visa ) Re-Entry Visa are issued to those who enter for business purposes.

(g) The ( Myanmar Visa ) Re-entry Visa is issued to foreigners permanently residing in Myanmar, with prior permission obtained from the Department of Immigration and National Registration.

Why are ( Myanmar Visa ) visas necessary?

( Myanmar Visa ) Visas are necessary because the Myanmar Immigration ( Emergency Provisions) Act, 1947 requires any entry with visa.

Types and Categories of Visa

The six types of Entry Visa are:

Type of ( Myanmar Visa ) Visa Permitted length of stay

(a) The Transit Visa 24 hrs

(b) The Tourist Visa 28 days

(c) The Business Visa 10 weeks

(d) Gratis Diplomatic Courtesy Visa (GDC) the officials’ duration of Assignment in Myanmar

(e) Gratis Official Courtesy Visa (GOC) the officials’ duration of Assignment in Myanmar

(f) Entry Visa one month

Printable ( Myanmar Visa ) Visa Forms

The two types of Printable ( Myanmar Visa ) Visa Forms are-

(a) The ( Myanmar Visa ) Tourist Visa Form

(b) The ( Myanmar Visa ) Business/ Entry Visa Form

Documents to be submitted with the Visa Application are : –

(a) The Passport

(b) The Application form for visa

(c) The Passport photograph

For further information, you may contact the Embassy of Myanmar and the Consulate .General’s Office nearest you.

The Number of Days Required for Acquiring a ( Myanmar Visa ) Visa

At least three days is required for acquiring a visa. For those in urgent need of a visa, it is issued on a case by case basis.

Frequency of Valid Entries of a ( Myanmar Visa ) Visa

(a) Single Journey Entry Visa: One entry is permitted with a validated passport and visa.

(b) Multiple Journey Entry Visa: Multi entries can be made with the validated passport and visa.

The Period of Validity of a ( Myanmar Visa ) Visa

Normally, the period of validity of a visa is three months from the date of issue. Some are validated during the prescribed period from the issued date of the Myanmar Embassy.

( Myanmar Visa ) Visa Fees?

Types of ( Myanmar Visa ) Visa Permitted length of stay

(a) The Tourist Visa US 20 dollars

(b) The Business Visa US 36 dollars

(c) The Transit Visa US 18 dollars

(d) The Social/ Entry Visa US 36 dollars

(e) The Multiple Journey Entry Visa US 180 dollars

(f) The Single Journey Special Re-entry Visa US 54 dollars

(g) The Multiple Journey Special Re-entry Visa US 180 dollars

Information for those having obtained Re-entry Permission

(a) Submit the required fees for the visa

(b) If a person stays in Myanmar for over 30-days, on departure, he must apply for and obtain the Departure (D) Form .

(c) If a person wishes to remain in Myanmar for more than 90-days, he must apply for the Foreigner’s Registration Certificate.

(d) On departure, he must surrender the Foreigner’s Registration Certificate.

(e) He may need to revalidate the Foreigner’s Registration Certificate within 30 days from the date of arrival in Myanmar.

(f) On his departure from Myanmar with the Re-entry Visa, he must Re-enter within the validated visa.

(g) If he does not re-enter with the validated visa, his stay permit expires and he may reenter with a new entry visa from the Myanmar Embassy.

(h) Only one entry is permitted for the Single Journey Re-entry Visa during the validated period.

(i) The Multiple Journey Re-entry Visa allows multiple entries during the validated period.

Procedures after entry into Myanmar

(a) Those wishing to extend the stay after entering with a valid Entry Visa, may apply for extension of stay.

(b) The Certificate of Registration must be obtained for those wishing to exceed the permitted 90 days stay from the date of arrival.

(c) The Departure Form is required for those staying in Myanmar for over 30 days from the date of arrival.

Nationals of Countries with Reciprocal Visa Exemption Arrangements with Myanmar

Myanmar has reciprocal visa exemption arrangements with (11) countries, including member countries of the ASEAN, China and Russia.

Holders of the Diplomatic Passport or the Official Passport from the following countries having reciprocal visa exemption arrangements with Myanmar are allowed entry:-

Permitted Country Period of Stay

(a) Malaysia 30 days

(b) Thailand 30 days

(c) Singapore 30 days

(d) Indonesia 14 days

(e) Philippines 30 days

(f) Brunei 14 days

(g) Cambodia 30 days

(h) Laos 30 days

(i) Vietnam 30 days

(j) The People’s Republic of China 30 days

(k) Russia 90 days

Contacts of Myanmar Missions Abroad

You may contact the Embassy of Myanmar or the Consulate- General’s Office nearest you.

The cost of entry visa fee to be settled to the Immigration Dept. is $ 20 / pax & in addtion there will be documentation & processing fee (click here to check it) which will not exceed normal international VOA processing fees.

How to get Myanmar Visa Within One Working Day (24 hours)?